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Our mobile smart repair services

A professional range of smart vehicle body repairs

Discover the convenience of mobile car body repairs in Sussex and Surrey with JE Smart Repairs as the trusted local solution for on-the-go car restoration. Our experienced team is dedicated to reviving your vehicle's appearance including bothersome dents, unsightly bumper scuffs and lease return touch-ups. We understand the importance of keeping your car in tip-top condition which is why we bring our services to your location. With years of expertise and a commitment to quality, we offer cost-effective solutions. JE Smart Repairs makes vehicle body repairs easy, efficient and affordable.


Smart car body repair from JE Smart Repair services

Car body repair

Bumper repairs: We offer bespoke solutions for all your bumper scuffs and damage. Rely on us to restore your car’s appearance and make it look as good as new.

​Car accident repairs: Trust our experts to efficiently mend collision damage, providing peace of mind and a quick return to the road.

​Car scratch repairs: Precision is our motto, as we expertly erase unsightly key scratches to leave your vehicle looking flawless.

​Car spraying: Experience the finest in paint finishes, rejuvenating your car's appearance with our car spraying services.

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Car body restoration JE Smart Repair

Restoration and dent removal

Car restoration: Witness the revival of classic vehicles to their former glory, preserving their timeless charm and value.

​Dent removal: Achieve a smooth, impeccable finish with our dent repairs expertise, delivered with exceptional precision and care.

​Paint corrections: Elevate your car's appearance with our paint correction services, designed to restore and enhance its showroom-worthy finish.​

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Commercial fleet company vehicle smart body repair

Commercial vehicle repair solutions

Commercial vehicle bodywork: Unsightly scuffs, bumps and scratches are not a great look for your business. We can keep your company vehicles looking pristine.

Lease returns: Our paint and repair services can ensure you are able to return your vehicle in good condition.

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